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Neveen El Tahri


Chairperson & Managing Director, Delta Shield for Investment

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Middle East & North Africa

As a daughter of a diplomat and a youngster, Neveen lived and was educated in a number of countries; Panama, Finland, Lebanon and the United Kingdom. After graduating in 1980 from Cairo University Faculty of Economics & Political Science, she joined the Chase National Bank of Egypt (later Commercial International Bank "CIB") to work as a corporate banker, ultimately heading the Petroleum, Tourism and Electronic corporate banking divisions. In 1994, with the revival of the Egyptian Capital Market, she endeavored into the entrepreneurial world establishing one of the first Brokerage firms "Delta Securities Egypt", then in 1997 "ABN AMRO Delta Asset Management" & in 2006 "Delta Capital Investments".

From 1994 to 2007 a number of institutional partners were brought into Delta: Egyptian American Bank "EAB", American Express Bank, ABN AMRO Bank and lastly Rasmala Investments Holding. An going separate business relationship was developed with ABN AMRO Bank (now Royal Bank of Scotland) and Neveen was appointed as country representative in 2001 to date.

Having played a role on the Egyptian Capital Market from an early stage, Neveen became the first lady elected to sit on the board of the Egyptian Stock Exchange for 2 consecutive terms 1997-2003.

In 2007, she sold a majority stake in the 3 founded companies to establish & chair a family holding company: "Delta Financial Investments" focusing on private equity & venture capital for the development and incubation of SME's and entrepreneurs, with the ultimate target to list on the Egyptian newly established SME NILEX Exchange. The company later expanded and was also sold in early 2012 to a listed Private Equity firm "Arabiyya Lel Estithsmarat" to expand the incubation model for the more medium sized companies.

With the rise in young entrepreneurial talent after the 2011 revolution, established “Delta Shield for Investment”. Focusing on start-ups & early stage start ups, by providing seed capital and space to incubate the companies that have a scalable model, socially impactful and those that can provide growing employment opportunities. With growing resources and demand for start-ups, span off the Incubation & Acceleration services into 2 focused companies; Delta Inspire as a professional management team and 138 Pyramids as the funding arm backed by large reputable socially driven partners. Whilst Delta Shield continued to advise Family Businesses that are in growth mode and transitioning to the next generation, as well as turnarounds & restructuring, focusing on corporate governances aiming to allow them to list on the exchange as one of the future potential option.

Having played an early role on the Egyptian Capital Market and becoming the first woman elected to sit on the board of the Egyptian Stock Exchange for 2 consecutive terms 1997-2003, was privileged to also sit on many public and private sector boards.

Neveen is a graduate of Cairo University, faculty of Economics and Politics Science and is an Alumina of both the Harvard Business School and London Business School.