Tobias Henz

Tobias Henz


McKinsey & Company

Middle East & North Africa

Dr. Tobias Henz is one of the driving forces behind McKinsey’s work on gender diversity - both internally and with clients, for instance as part of the initiative “Chefsache”. In this context, he focuses on data-driven models to, e.g., mitigate unconscious bias using machine learning and advanced analytics.

Moreover, he works closely with numerous start-ups, both supporting them with McKinsey tools and methods as well as bringing the traditional and modern business world closes together. In doing so, Tobias has supported to build numerous businesses himself. He also is the founder of the leadership development program “be.boosted” and helped shaping “Mannheim Philharmonic” as a start-up in the cultural sector.

Tobias holds a PhD in theoretical physics with a thesis on quantum gravity from the University of Heidelberg, after having studied in Heidelberg and Toronto. He also earned a diploma (master’s degree equivalent) in music performance from the Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts.

Having served on Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards’ MENA panel previously, Tobias is excited for the business ideas to come to sustainably change the region through female entrepreneurship.

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