Lorna Rutto

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12/21/2020 - 16:05
Laureate 2011

Lorna Rutto

EcoPost manufactures durable fencing posts using plastic waste, an environmentally friendly alternative to timber.

Plastic waste is a frequent blot on Kenya’s beautiful landscapes. In spite of a government ban on the use of plastic bags, which came into force in 2007 when Kenya was producing 48 million of them, plastic of all kinds and shapes litters the land or piles up in open tips.

Founded by Lorna Rutto in 2010, EcoPost collects this plastic waste and manufactures fencing posts from it. ‘That includes any type of plastic that can go through the extrusion process,’ she says, ‘such as polypropylene* and polyethylene**—the material used to make those carrier bags that clog the landfills. We can recover and use all of these for our posts.’