East Asia

Gia Shen

Gia is currently Strategic Investment Director of Beijing World Affairs Press, a publishing and education company under the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs which was established in 1934, and over the past two years have transformed the traditional publishing firm to launch new business lines in the film and media industries.

Saaya Nakayama

Claire Yan

Yeon Jeong Cho

Ninie Yan Wang

In 2004 Ninie founded Pinetree Care Group, focusing on business model innovation, professional service and talent development in providing home healthcare services for the ageing population.

As a Standing Committee Member of the China Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics, China Social Welfare Service Standard as well as a Member of Presidium for National Union of Long-term Care, Ninie is actively involved in domestic and international projects promoting healthy ageing-related research, practice and policy. 

Jad Saleh

Jad is the Founder and CEO of Pedaru, a for-profit Social Venture that is innovating the bicycle sharing business model in Japan while providing support to various Non-Profit Organizations, and the Co-Founder and CTO of Veggino, a startup in Tokyo that is bringing the plant-based lifestyle to Japan by raising awareness among both consumers and businesses.

Zahin Hussain

Zahin is currently the Social Innovation Programs Manager at Hanyang University in Seoul, South Korea. She’s responsible for the design of an entrepreneurship sandbox that provides access to training, networks and funding for aspiring impact-driven entrepreneurs to get them from idea to a proof of concept. Sandboxes feature loose structures to support experimentation and connect entrepreneurs to social and business leaders. She has designed 5 global start-up boot camps with over 80 aspiring entrepreneurs from over 10 countries, engaging with 30 experts from industry.

Makoto Takano

Mak Takano is a founder and CEO of D4V (Design for Ventures), a venture capital firm that focuses on seed and early startups in Japan. He has over 30 years of experience in the finance industry; beginning his career with Daiwa Securities, he then moved to Goldman Sachs Asset Management where he held the position of Head of Marketing and later on as Operating Officer and Chief of Planning and Research. In 2001, Mak became the President of PIMCO Japan, a position which he served as for 13 years.

Joyce Yen Feng

Her research interests and professional specialty in social work are around two foci: Child & Family Welfare and NPO developments. In the area of child welfare, she has published three books, over hundred papers in academic journals and conference proceedings on related titles. She has been heavily involved in the child welfare advocacy work in Taiwan, such as the modification of the Child Welfare Law in 1993, and the enacted of the Child and Youth Welfare Law in 2003, etc.

Claudia Zeisberger

Before joining INSEAD in 2005, she spent 16 years in global investment banking.

Professor Zeisberger is a founding investor in ‘INSEAD Alum Ventures’ (IAV), INSEAD’s  first dedicated seed fund and she devotes a significant amount of her time to mentor early stage companies.


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