East Asia

Makoto Takano

Mak Takano is a founder and CEO of D4V (Design for Ventures), a venture capital firm that focuses on seed and early startups in Japan. He has over 30 years of experience in the finance industry; beginning his career with Daiwa Securities, he then moved to Goldman Sachs Asset Management where he held the position of Head of Marketing and later on as Operating Officer and Chief of Planning and Research. In 2001, Mak became the President of PIMCO Japan, a position which he served as for 13 years.

Joyce Yen Feng

Her research interests and professional specialty in social work are around two foci: Child & Family Welfare and NPO developments. In the area of child welfare, she has published three books, over hundred papers in academic journals and conference proceedings on related titles. She has been heavily involved in the child welfare advocacy work in Taiwan, such as the modification of the Child Welfare Law in 1993, and the enacted of the Child and Youth Welfare Law in 2003, etc.

Claudia Zeisberger

Before joining INSEAD in 2005, she spent 16 years in global investment banking.

Professor Zeisberger is a founding investor in ‘INSEAD Alum Ventures’ (IAV), INSEAD’s  first dedicated seed fund and she devotes a significant amount of her time to mentor early stage companies.

Heekyung (Jo) Min

Dr. Heekyung (Jo) Min is the Executive Vice President of Global CSV Management at CJ Cheiljedang Corporation in Korea. By overseeing the integration of CJ’s core values with new corporate endeavors, she has helped accelerate social and business innovation at the company. As a head of the company’s Social Responsibility Division, she is in charge of CJ Welfare Foundation and CJ Culture Foundation.

Xania Wong

Yunye Shin

Jeni Saeyang

Jeni Saeyang was raised in Australia, America and Sweden but when she returned to China, the country of her birth, after 30 years abroad she was alarmed by the scale of environmental issues in the country, which led her to launch eco&more.

Hannah Chou & Momo Huang

Although Hannah Chou and Momo Huang do not have any disabilities, the two women have been confronted with the issue of poor accessibility in restaurants through the experience of friends. Hannah and Momo, who both live in Taipei, launched two mobile applications – one to gather information about disability-friendly restaurants and the other to present the data to the public

Jieun Chang

Anyone who knows Korea will be familiar with one of its culinary specialties, kimchi, a fermented cabbage dish. Fermentation, a process known worldwide for being healthier for digestion, features strongly in Korean cuisine, but now Jieun Chang, 35, founder and CEO of HwangHu, has decided to apply it to an unexpected ingredient: cacao. The result is fermented chocolate that is low in sugar and calories.

Xiaowei Rose Luo

Xiaowei Rose Luo is a senior tenured Professor in Entrepreneurship and Family Business at INSEAD. She was also a tenured professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She obtained her Ph.D. in sociology with a focus on organizational studies from Stanford University. Professor Luo is the world's academic leader on corporate strategies in emerging markets, family business, and innovation.


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