Rowan Gardner

Rowan is CEO of Ozo Innovations Ltd a business transforming the sustainability of the food industry. Ozo develops and markets new hygiene processes that save 80% carbon compared to current approaches and food safety solutions to address major industry challenges.

She is also the founder of RowAnalytics Ltd, an AI enabled precision health business furthering our understanding of disease and therapeutic opportunities.

Ewa Konczal

As of 2014 Ewa Konczal works as CEE Manager at European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA). Among other activities at EVPA Ewa has been co-founder of the CEE Social Investment Taskforce and launched a CEE Fund Support Program to enable the development of small venture philanthropy/social investme

Dimple Sahni

Dimple Sahni is an Impact Investing Managing Director at Anthos Asset Management. She is responsible for originating investments, managing relationships, and helping to execute strategies for the portfolios at Anthos Asset Management, a 100 year old large single family office dedicated to impact investing across all asset classes. This includes a global, private, impact investing fund focused on measurable, positive social and environmental returns alongside financial returns, with the aim to promote human dignity and social justice.

Hans Wahl

Hans joined INSEAD in 2007. He has more than 35 years of experience in education, management, and economic and political development in over 40 countries.

Moira Creedon

Moira is a consultant and lecturer in Financial Management working with entrepreneurs  worldwide to help build and implement robust sustainable strategies for their businesses and create value by making the right decisions.

Wingee Sin

For the past few years, Wingee has coached and advised entrepreneurs, in the early stages of their businesses to scale their impact. Connected to the global ecosystem of venture capital and social impact, she is currently residing in Paris with her husband, Julio.

Sheila Loxham

Sheila is the Senior Coordinator, Social Impact Coaching within the Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society at INSEAD. She coordinates the Business and Financial Coaches for the Cartier Women’s Initiative Award Finalists.

Afke Slager

As an investment director at Bencis Capital Partners, a mid- market private equity fund in the Netherlands, Afke was responsible for a number of portfolio companies in different industries with a specific focus on buy and build strategies. 

Suzanne Grimal

Suzanne founded Kouloura Finance and has been 6 years since she started advising investors and emerging investment funds on niche strategies for all asset classes: private Equity, Hedge fund, real estate.

She also has 20 years of experience at Société Générale, launching new activities within the bank, mainly with an investment focus for large investors (Private Banking and Corporate and Investment banking).

Purnima Mani

Purnima began her career at an investment bank just as the global financial crisis began—an experience that gave her insight into the complexities of the financial system, and its inaccessibility to many consumers. As a result, she developed an interest in helping people navigate this system—a pursuit that led her to work at Google, and finally to her current role as a product manager at a UK based FinTech company, where she helps build financial products that make money transparent, fair and simple.


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