Zineb Agoumi

Marc van Pappelendam

Marc is a 52 years old Dutch native passionate about sports who envisions a world in which everyone takes the bike instead of a car to ensure we all lead a more healthy and active lifestyle and reduce our carbon footprint.

Breno Araujo

Breno is an MBA Alumnus from INSEAD who currently works in FinTech and is building with the goal to solve present-day social and economic problems using the power of social media and entertainment.

Anino Emuwa

Dr. Anino is the founder and managing director of Avandis Consulting in France which has a subsidiary in Nigeria. Her firm provides strategy and financial advisory services with expertise in SME finance. A former banker with Citibank, she is an experienced non-executive director and most recently she was a member of the board of the Nigeria Mortgage Refinance Company PLC where she chaired the Audit committee and was appointed board strategy lead.

Michaela Schütte

Michaela is a development banker with more than 15 years’ work experience in investment, strategy and management positions at the German KfW group, German Ministries and the French Agence française de Développement (AfD). She provides advice to AfD and KfW executive management on current European development finance affairs, building upon extensive experience in financing of social sectors in emerging markets.

Christopher Bockmann

Christopher has a multi-cultural background, born French-Norwegian, raised across several continents and continued being exposed in his 20 years’ career to ever diverse and new experiences in organisational and executive development. This has fed his curiosity and a particular ability to sense and adapt to new environments, an ability he applies in every client assignment.

Marco Liguori

Marco has also developed businesses, including start-ups for established organizations such as Amgen, Orphan Europe and Laboratoires CTRS. Marco combines business, scientific and commercialization expertise. Business experience encompasses: people leadership, global P&L responsibility, start-ups development, commercial excellence, and in and out licensing. He aspires to continue engaging in leadership roles for pharma/biotech startup businesses, developing and implementing European strategy and operations.

Yvonne Brady

Yvonne is the founder and CEO of EVB Sport, an active ware company that provides women with the support they need using patent pending technology that optimises function of deep core muscles.

Lykke Westgren

As a freelance consultant of the start-up incubator of The Royal Technology Institute (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden, Lykke works with researchers and students in designing their business plans and strategies, taking them from ideas, through verification, to investment stage. She works with businesses in industries such as carbon markets and standards, blockchain technologies, global financial inclusion, VR and AR, and dementia and Alzheimers. 

Luz Rello


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