North America

Michele Romanow

Building on the success of her first business venture, The Tea Room, a zero-consumer-waste coffee shop, Michele Romanow is once again merging her interests in sustainability and food. Using an aquaculture facility in Florida, Evandale Caviar will supply the world’s largest caviar market, the United States, while working to protect the sturgeon species from extinction.

Joanna Baker & Phaedra Chrousos

In the US, patients are consistently faced with a lack of available medical appointments. Long-time friends and business school graduates, Joanna Baker and Phaedra Chrousos set out to find a solution to this chronic problem. The result: HealthLeap, a free service that enables patients to schedule medical appointments in their area quickly and easily online.

Jacqueline Thong

Chronic diseases, such as migraine, asthma or diabetes, affect over a billion people around the world, all of whom struggle to understand what triggers their symptoms and how best to treat them. After eleven years spent working in IT, including seven devoted to health IT applications, 33 year-old Jacqueline Thong has developed a way to help them by using the world’s most ubiquitous computing device: the mobile phone.

Kavita Shukla

Inventor and company co-founder Kavita Shukla believes that, by keeping food fresher for longer in a sustainable way, Fenugreen FreshPaper has the potential to dramatically lower the price of farm-grown produce while having a positive impact on the environment.

Angel Chang

Raincoats that light up, clothing that not only changes color, but has natural resistance to body-odor, or simply knickers with built in controls for your iPod… If Angel Chang has any say in the matter, clothes could get to be a whole lot smarter.

Katherina Ansink

Having always dreamed of owning her own business, Katherina Ansink decided to take the plunge after completing an executive MBA from Cornell University. With Kika Villareal, a range of intimate apparel celebrating the Latin American beauty ideal, she’s targeting a fast-growing market that may just represent a perfect opportunity.

Birame Sock

Birame Sock displayed early signs of entrepreneurial spirit as a teenager living in Niger, where her father was posted: ‘It was so hot there, I made ice and frozen juices in my mother’s freezer and hired a boy to go out and sell them in the streets when I got back from school!’ Needless to say no-one got a receipt along the way, which may have unwittingly sparked the idea that her company, Third Solutions, has developed twenty years later – to do away with paper receipts altogether!


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