May 22


- Shenzhen

- Awards Ceremony

2024 Awards Ceremony

This year, the Cartier Women’s Initiative proudly celebrates the new cohort of 33 impact entrepreneurs, expanding the community to include a total of 330 fellows.


Forces For Good

For the impact entrepreneurs set on solving global challenges, the prospect of building a green, peaceful, prosperous, and equitable world has always been a guiding light. They know that, when approached responsibly, the journey to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals brims with boundless possibilities.

Our adventure kicks off in the vibrant entrepreneurial hub of Shenzhen, China. From here, we will delve into the captivating stories of entrepreneurs around the world who have harnessed their creativity and business acumen to confront the most formidable social and environmental issues.

What truly lifts our spirits is the unstoppable momentum of these changemakers. They unite with individuals, public figures, non-profit organizations, international organizations, and businesses of all sizes to drive positive change. Together, these forces for good have the energy, creativity, and unwavering determination to forge a brighter future.

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Artistic Performance

“Mortise and Tenon”

by the Zhejiang Conservatory of Music Dance Department

Opening Dialogue

Cyrille Vigneron

President and CEO of Cartier

Sandi Toksvig

Broadcaster, Writer, Comedian and Gender Equality Champion

Keynote Speech

Guo Jingjing

Olympic Diving Champion, Advocate for Public Welfare and Environmental Protection

Awards Reveal

East Asia, Oceania, South Asia and Central Asia,

Middle East and North Africa,

Anglophone and Lusophone Africa,

Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa

Keynote Speech

Karlie Kloss

Supermodel, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Awards Reveal

Europe, North America,

Latin America and the Caribbean,

Science & Technology Pioneer Award,

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Award

Closing Remarks

Wingee Sin

Global Program Director, Cartier Women's Initiative

Artistic Performance


Zhejiang Conservatory of Music - Dance Department

Mortise and Tenon

In “Mortise and Tenon”, disparate elements are fused into a formidable whole. This performance delves into the power of collective synergy -- the strength of an individual may be limited, but when joined together, they become resilient and possess limitless possibilities. The choreography draws inspiration from the robust "Mortise and Tenon" joint, found in traditional Chinese architecture, wherein elements interlock flawlessly. These structures withstand immense pressure, relying exclusively on the seamless integration of components. In a mesmerizing display, each dancer echoes the precision and resilience of "Mortise and Tenon", weaving a tapestry of movement that transcends individual strength. The portrayal has been showcased in the 12th Lotus Award and featured in the event “A Poem for Ten Thousand Years” organized by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism.


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