In 2022, the Cartier Women’s Initiative will be celebrating its 15-year anniversary in Dubai. On this occasion, we will be hosting an Impact Awards ceremony in early March during which we aim to recognize past CWI fellows that have achieved the most significant impact through their business since taking part in our program.

CWI has selected three impact areas, Preserving the Planet, Improving Lives and Creating Opportunities, based on the SDG goals most frequently represented in the Awards program. These issue areas are to become the three Impact Awards categories for the 2022 edition.


1. From July 21st to August 31st, 2021, our partner Sagana will conduct a first round of due diligence on the top ten candidates shortlisted for each Impact Awards category which consists in having the candidates share additional documentation about their business and organizing an interview with them.
2. From September 1st to September 10th, 2021, the CWI team will review the due diligence memos that Sagana has drafted on each business and select the top five candidates for each Impact Awards category.
3. From September 13th to October 31st, 2021, our partner Sagana will conduct a second round of due diligence on the top five candidates which consists in scheduling another interview with the founder, her team and several external stakeholders (such as suppliers or clients) and updating the due diligence memos on each business.
4. From November 1st to November 15th, 2021, the CWI team will share the due diligence memos with three panels (one per Impact Awards category) composed of five jury members each. These jury members will have two weeks to review them.
5. From November 16th to November 30th, 2021, the top five candidates will be asked to do a 15 min presentation followed by 30 min of Q&A before their jury panel. The jury will then reconvene a week later to select the first, second and third prize awardees for each Impact Awards category.
6. In early March 2022, the awardees will be announced during the CWI Impact Awards ceremony in Dubai.  


The 2022 Impact Awards is open to all former CWI fellows apart from those that participated in the 2021 edition. Moreover, CWI fellows’ businesses that fit several thematic issue areas can be nominated in more than one Impact Awards category. However, they can only ever win in one category at a time.

To be qualify for the 2022 Impact Awards:
1. The CWI fellow must have completed our impact survey. Fellows that haven’t completed the impact survey are not eligible regardless of whether their business has demonstrated strong impact or not in recent years.
2. The CWI fellow must be running an impact-driven business. This can be the business she presented to the Cartier Women’s Initiative at her time of participation or it can be a new business that she started since participating in the CWI program.
3. The CWI fellow must fill a leadership position at her company (for example CEO, COO, Chairwoman or General Manager).
4. The CWI fellow must own a significant share of her company’s founder equity.
5. The CWI fellow must be running a for-profit company. This means that the company should be designed to generate sufficient revenues to support its operations and return some level of profit to its owners. Non-profit enterprises are not accepted.
6. The CWI fellow must commit to (I) taking part in a due diligence virtual assessment (1 day), (II) taking part in an interview with a filming crew (1 day), (III) participating in the 2022 CWI world reunion in early March (5 days). Failure to do so will result in disqualification at CWI's sole discretion.


Cartier will be using the fellows’ responses to the impact survey to conduct a preliminary screening of their businesses and select the top ten shortlisted candidates for each Impact Award category (30 in total).

Our due diligence partner Sagana and our jury members will then use the following selection criteria to select the three awardees for each Impact Award category (9 in total). It should be noted that the final grade will be broken down as follows: 70% on impact and 30% on business strategy.


Each of the nine awardees will receive a grant for their business:
• 1st prize awardee: USD 100,000 grant
• 2nd prize awardee: USD 60,000 grant
• 3rd prize awardee: USD 30,000 grant

Cartier will also provide the awardees with human capital support, international exposure, and media visibility.